9 Ideas for rainy days on your trip

It’s the worst thing ever: you made a diverse and interesting itinerary for your trip with fun activities and places to visit. Then when you arrive at your destination, the weather is nothing like you expected it to be. Your plans are ruined. To make the best out of this situation we came up with...

10 Destinations for Weekend-Trips in Europe

Living in Europe offers you the great chance to explore all of it, even when you’re only free on the weekend. There are so many different cities you can explore. From museums to castles to nightlife. Every city is worth a trip! 1. Berlin (Germany) Of course you can spend more than just a weekend...

A Country run by a Clown

A lot has happened and changed since the US elections in 2016. I’m no expert in politics but let’s say it wasn’t all roses… But change might be coming this week! (This article contains MY opinion on traveling to the ‘Land of the free’.) Since I was little I dreamed of going to the US,...

100 days of pleyces Contest!

pleyces, the first digital social network for tourists and travelers based on #places Last week, Munich based start-up pleyces announced the launch of their ultimate contest to celebrate the first 100 days of pleyces. The winner of the competition will receive a hoodie specifically designed with their personal map. The personal map of pleyces is...

10 Most beautiful Hill Stations in Asia

Visiting nature takes us far away from the hustle and bustle of our city lives. Hill Stations embody all the requirements for an ideal nature Trip. Let's travel through the most beautiful Hill Stations in Asia!



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