Impressive international start of pleyces (“the Instagram for travellers and tourists”)

Munich-based Social network start-up pleyces won users of 84 different countries within the first month after going-live. Interns from 13 different countries helped to make this possible.

pleyces is a Munich-based start-up that is about to make the leap onto the international social network stage. The experienced founder Martin Bauer is convinced that now is exactly the right time to build a social network based on places internationally.

Because of Corona we are all more or less prevented from traveling. Unfortunately. All the more we think back to the beautiful places of our memories. And we dream of faraway places. With pleyces it is easy to explore new destinations and to network with people according to their own travelled countries and planned trips.

Martin Bauer, Founder & CEO

The launch of the website shows this impressively. Within a month, users from 84 different countries registered including a large number of travel bloggers. They put thousands of photos of 482 places online. You can find countries like Italy, USA, Australia or cities like Paris, Buenos Aires, or Doha. All continents are represented.

A motivated team of 15 interns from 13 countries, most of them, students, was there from the very beginning. Most of them work from home office. They are in South Korea, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Jordan, or Brazil. However, in pleyces we feel that we work at the same place. A regular video call meeting and the exchange via online platforms enabled smooth cooperation. Individual groups are responsible for certain regions and exchange information with destinations, travel bloggers, photographers, etc.

From Martin Bauer’s perspective, this is just the beginning.

We want to become the platform for networking based on places. The next step is to publish mobile apps, which we will launch later this year. The growing number of users will make the site more and more attractive for users and all players in the travel business.

Martin Bauer, Founder & CEO

About pleyces

pleyces is the digital social network based on #places, making it easy to connect with exciting people in my favorite destinations. View photos of your favorite sites, share the spots you love and connect with places. All this helps us to discover our common ground in the diversity of the earth.

The company was founded in Munich in 2020 by serial founder Martin Bauer.
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About is the digital social network for tourists and travelers. The website and mobile app make it easy to connect with exciting people in my favorite places. Users are tourists of all kinds, especially frequent travelers, au pairs, photographers, pilots or stewardesses, expats, and students.

They look at the posts and tips about their destinations. The users also share photos about the spots they love. All functionalities of pleyces are for free.

This network helps to discover our common ground in the diversity of the earth.

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