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The Podcast of pleyces!

Listen to our podcast and you will feel like you are camping in Yellowstone or taking a train from San Diego to Tijuana and walked across the Mexican border. Also, you can feel like you are eating a Cuban sandwich in Havanna or watching the amazing Street Art in Wynwood, Miami. By the way, you will spend your Christmas in Rovaniemi, Finland, and Spring Break in Oahu, Hawaii. Sounds pretty awesome right?

We believe that this podcast will be a powerful tool where people from all around the world will tell us personal stories about what is going on in their own countries. Why? Because we think that stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here. 

Our goal with this podcast is simple, we want the people to have a good time and at the same time, learn important information about what you should do in this awesome world.

I don´t know about you, but we love so many places and I want to know if we need to spend 2 weeks quarantine or do a test before travel somewhere. Because of that, we want to do some chit chats with people from different countries to know if the situations in the countries that I love are good or really bad. 

The podcast of pleyces will start by November 13th of 2020 with the goal of offering different content of the ones that you can find on our YouTube channel, blog, or our website. Our main entertainment contents are interviews with professional travel bloggers, fun chit chats with people from all around the world, and conversations with professionals of the industry. 

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www.pleyces.com is the digital social network for tourists and travelers. The website and mobile app make it easy to connect with exciting people in my favorite places. Users are tourists of all kinds, especially frequent travelers, au pairs, photographers, pilots or stewardesses, expats, and students.

They look at the posts and tips about their destinations. The users also share photos about the spots they love. All functionalities of pleyces are for free.

This network helps to discover our common ground in the diversity of the earth.

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