Gift ideas for travel fanatics

We all know that one person that’s just more into travelling than any other friend. Since Christmas is just around the corner, we came up with a few gift ideas for those travel fanatics.

1. Waterbottle

You always have to stay hydrated, so getting someone a waterbottle is always a great idea. You can get really fun ones, but there are also foldable bottles that come in handy when travelling. If your friend is more into off the grid travelling you can get them a water bottle that also filteres the water (e.g. by LifeStraw)

2. Face mask

Wearing a mask is the new normal so getting your friend a nice and fun one is self-explanatory. Maybe look up the required mask type for different airlines.

3. Reusable straw

Sustainability is important to most travelers so getting reusable straws is a no brainer. You can also get them any kind of light, reusable cuttlery. Especially in this time it might be a good idea to bring your own utensils to restaurants…

4. Personalized luggage tags

It’s always annoying to look for your luggage after a long flight. Personalizing your luggage can be a great way to make the search easier. You can get your friend either a nice, colourful luggage tag or maybe a pretty sticker, which will let their bags stick out on the luggage belt.

5. Money Belt

This is a great present for people who lose their money etc. easily: A money belt is a belt with a zip on the inside. Open that zip and you’ll be able to store money and other small things in your belt. This way your stuf is thief- and lose-safe! The same concept also works with scarves.

6. Books

Books are a great present if you pick the right one. For travellers of course books about travelling make sense like guides. If your budget is a little bigger, you could consider getting them something like a kindle, so they can read lots of books without having to carry them all during their trip.

7. Toothpaste bites

Toothpaste bites are not only great for saving weight in your bag, it’s aso much better for the environment! They are small tablets you chew up in your mouth before you start brushing your teeth. Other than the form it comes in, it’s just like regular toothpaste.

8. Microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are very handy for two reasons: one, you can fold them up really small so they won’t take up too much space in your luggage. Two, they dry much faster than regular towels.

9. Worldmap

Worldmaps are a great gift. The most fun ones are those where you can scratch off or mark where you’ve alredy been around the world. There are really pretty ones so it’s not just fun because you can show your friends where you’ve alredy been, but it’s also a nice addition to your decor.

10. Portable luggage scale

Aren’t you a little anxious before you put your luggage on the scale at the check in at the airport? Nobody wants to pay for overweight. One easy gadget to avoid that is a portable luggage scale. Just weigh your bags when you pack and you’ll be on the safe side. You’ll safe your friend alot of money in the future!

11. Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

This present is mostly for campers. It’s basically a portable and foldable washing machine. If your friend already owns something like this, maybe try getting them an ecofriendly, biodegradable laundry detergent.

12. Powerbank

Powerbanks are always useful, even when you’re not travelling. When your friend is the extrem off the grid kind of traveller maybe get them a solar powered powerbank so they don’t need electricity as long as the sun is around.

13. Backpack

Get your friend a nice backpack. They can use it during a daytrip or a short trip. There are so many pretty colours and shapes out there, you’ll surely find one that fits your friend’s needs.

14. GoPro

This is a really expensive present but maybe you can get together as a group of friends so everyone pays a smaller amount. A GoPro is nice to have for people that like to record their trips to share it later with friends and family.

15. Noise-cancelling headphones

This is also quite a splurge, but again, get this present with a couple of friends. Noise-cancelling headphones are a lifesaver on planes, trains etc. You don’t have to worry anymore about a crying baby because you just won’t hear it. If your friend already has a nice pair of headphones you could get them an airplane adapter so they can use their headphones instead of the provided ones on the airplane.

After all these gift ideas, keep in mind that spending time with people important to you is the best gift you could give to anyone. Christmas shouldn’t only be about presents, it should be about getting together (maybe in different ways this year) and having a good time!

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