Cheapest cities in Europe for your dream vacation

Traveling without spending too much money in Europe is not an impossible mission.

Most people think that traveling to awesome places is very expensive. And that’s true if you visit Switzerland, Munich or Paris. However, there are so many places in Europe that you can visit without spending a big amount of cash and still discover the culture of the countries as a local. Check them out!

10. Berlin (Germany)

Airbnb: 18-30 €/night

0,5l Beer: 3,50 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 8-11 €/per person

24h public transportation ticket: 7 €

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Because of that I’m really surprised by the prices of the city. Why? Because the prices in the west of Germany are a lot higher than in the capital of the country. In Berlin, you can enjoy the German gastronomy and also learn about the history of this amazing country. 

9. Tallinn (Estonia)

Airbnb: 18-30 €/night

0,5l beer: 4 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 9 €/per person

One way public transportation ticket: 2 €

The good thing about Tallinn is that the city is not full of tourists. Here you can find really gorgeous landscape and buildings. However, nothing can be compared with the great sea coast of the city. 

8. Prague (Czech Republic)

Airbnb: 22-33 €/night

0,5l Beer price: 1,30 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 7-9 €

24h public transportation ticket: 4,5 €

Prague is one of the best destinations in Europe. You can find everything that you want as a tourist. Great places to visit, like the Grand Prague Castle, good food, and crazy nightlife. The best thing? Prague will not leave a big hole in your wallet. 

7. Palermo (Italy)

Airbnb 24-32 €/night

0,5l beer: 3.50 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 9 €/ per person

1 bus ticket: 1,40 €

Palermo is not a touristic spot in Italy, so it’s waiting to be explored. This city will show a great environment for the real travellers that want to discover Italian culture. Palermo is gastronomy, coast, people, joy, and beauty. 

6. Budapest (Hungary)

Airbnb: 13-25 €/night

0,5l Beer price: 1,30 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 5-6 €/per person

3 days public transportation ticket: 11,60 €

The capital of Hungary is one of the hotspots for tourism in Europe. Budapest is unique. It has the greatest Hungarian baths that will make you super relaxed while at the same time still being pocket-friendly. This city is amazing. Do not forget to taste their delicious food. 

5. Bansko (Bulgaria)

Airbnb: 10-30€/night

0,5l beer: 1,28 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 5-7 €/per person

One way public transportation ticket: 0,51 €

Bansko is the best option for a cheap dream holiday skiing in the Bulgarian mountains. You will find great views full of snow. 

4. Valencia (Spain)

Airbnb: 11-40 €/night

0,5l Beer: 1,50 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 5-9 €/per person

Valenbici (bike for 12 days): 10 €

Valencia is the city that every tourist will love for their vacations. Firstly, awesome food, like paella or tapas! Delicious. Secondly, the mediterranean sea next to the city center. Something great. Thirdly, good hiking spots 30 minutes away by car. Finally, one of the best nightlifes in Spain. Let`s buy a plane ticket!

3. Porto (Portugal)

Airbnb: 14-40 €/night

0,5l beer: 1,50-2 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 6-9 €/per person

24h public transportation ticket: 7 €

Wine is almost as cheap as water! That`s your reason to go to Porto. Anyway, Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and offers you plenty of stuff to do as a tourist. First thing, food. Porto has great traditional Portuguese dishes. Second thing, you can have great views of the coast of Portugal and at the same time visit a great city. Porto should be on your travel list. 

2. Krakow (Poland)

Airbnb: 12-25 €/night

0,5l beer: 2 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 6-9 €/per person

24h public transportation ticket: 2,70 €

Krakow is one of the most popular destinations for young people and international students. We have three reasons. Firstly, the price. Krakow offers a big amount of activities at a low cost. Secondly, the history of the second-largest city in Poland is more than interesting. Finally, gastronomy. Polish cuisine presents an excellent mix of Slavic, Turkish, German, Hungarian, Jewish, Armenian, and French cuisines, which is reflected in the rich and substantial dishes that characterize it.

1. Granada (Spain)

Airbnb 17-27 €/night

0,5l beer+free tapa: 2-2,50 €

Dinner at a standard restaurant: 5 €/per person

One way public transportation ticket: 0,61 €

Granada is the coolest destination for a trip with a group of friends. Why? Firstly, the culture of beer+ free tapa is the best offer on earth. You can`t compare it. That means that every time that you ask for a beer they will give you a tapa for free. Secondly, Granada wins with this beautiful mix of cultures between Moroccan and Spanish. You can visit the wonderful Alhambra and enjoy every detail of the palace. Finally, Granada offers you two different activities. In winter, you can ski at the Sierra Nevada, and in the summer, you can go to the beach. That makes Granada unique. 

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