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pleyces launched a new functionality for its users, the Professional status. 

The new functionality of pleyces is great news for travel bloggers, guides, and social network lovers. The Pro status is a tool that will make your profile shine. Why? Because we believe that being normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from. 

The professional status will help you to get more views on your profile. How? pleyces is going to put your user name next to a country. For example, our Pro user BimoOnTour appears on the top of the list when someone searches for the United States. That means that every user that wants to get information about food, places to visit, hotels, tips… will see your profile on the top. Great right?

Also, the Pro status is completely free, to be a Professional on pleyces you just have to make 10 individual posts of a place showing us your knowledge about it. Your posts and your profile may have direct links to your blog or other websites. That means new users and Google will love it for sure. However, that’s not all news that we have to offer to our users. We have two more updates: 

New podcast & videos from all around the world

We believe that our podcast will be a powerful tool where people from all around the world will tell us personal stories about what is going on in their own countries. That is why we will contact our pleycesPros to make great interviews, so they can share their awesome experiences with us. We also publish videos of the interviews on our Youtube channel.

Personal Map

The personal map of pleyces is a high-quality tool where users can show in an easy and simple way which countries they have already visited. We think that the personal map can be a good method to demonstrate your love for places and cultures. 

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