Are you destroying the planet?

By now we all know, that by traveling we cause big problems for the environment. But while traveling you also can learn a lot about the evironment. So the question is: How can you keep exploring the world without causing that many problems for the planet?

We tried to come up with a few things you could incorporate in your trips to make them at least a little bit more sustainable.

1. Train, not plane

It’s obvious that flying isn’t good for the environment so take the train whenever possible. It will take a little longer but you don’t have to go through security etc. so in the end the time difference won’t be that big. Plus: You will see so many beautiful places while sitting on a train! If you do have to fly somewhere because it’s just too far away, some airlines offer CO2-compensation when you book your flight. There are also sites like myclimate, that will calculate the CO2 emissions for you and offer organisations you can then donate to.

2. Buy local

When going shopping try to buy local. That goes both for food and clothing. That way the product didn’t have a long way of transportation, which creates a lot of pollution. Also by buying local, you can support the locals rather than big companies.

3. Eat at smaller, local places

The same goes for eating at restaurants. Smaller restaurants tend to produce less waste. Also most of them will source their ingredients local. Best part about eating at smaller restaurants: The staff tends to be much friendlier and the chef is focused on making every meal the best you ever had.

4. Try staying at homestays

Again try to sleep at places, locals offer. Most of the time those will also be a lot cheaper and nicer.

5. Pack light

Packing light is not only good for the planet but also for you. By not bringing that much on a trip, you will not end up having to pay for an overweight suitcase.

6. Bring reusable bags

This also works for when you’re not on vacation but when traveling it’s much more important. In many countries it’s common to get a plastic bag when byung something. One or two are fine, as you could use them as trashbags or bags for your laundry. But you will end up with a lot more of them when you don’t bring your own bags. Also make sure to tell the cashier that you don’t need a bag, otherwise they will start packing your stuff in the plastic bags and after you decline it, throw it away.

7. Rent a bike

Instead of renting a scooter, try renting a bike. Of course that’s not possible everywhere but especially if you’re staying in a smaller town it’s a great alternative. When staying in a bigger city, try using public transportation. That’s not only much better for the environment but also for your wallet and most of the times your timemanagement too.

8. Try a vegan diet

Again this also aplies for when you’re not on vacation. A plant-based diet is the easiest way to do good for the environment. You don’t have to become a fulltime vegan but try a vegan dish the next time you’re going out to eat. You’ll be suprised!

Try vegan Gyozas from Asia, Mushroom Arepas from South America or Jollof Rice from Africa.

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