A Country run by a Clown

A lot has happened and changed since the US elections in 2016. I’m no expert in politics but let’s say it wasn’t all roses… But change might be coming this week!

(This article contains MY opinion on traveling to the ‘Land of the free’.)

Since I was little I dreamed of going to the US, mainly because I grew up watching movies and series taking place there. I imagined visiting Los Angeles or New York and meeting all of my idols. ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ was one of my favourite movies of all time even though it was set in Tenessee which I’ve never really heard of. I was never into cowboys or country-style music but still I felt as if anywhere in the US, the people would be welcoming and nice no matter where you came from.

My experience:

In 2010 I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream as I spent about 1 month traveling through California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Of course that’s only a small portion of the country but I was able to ‘experience’ the american lifestyle. To be honest I loved most of it, especially the big cities. All in all I had a great time. But as I got older I started to wonder: Was that because I am white? Because I only got to see the touristy areas? Was I blinded by the ‘American Dream’? Would my experience have been different if I had been older and knew more about the world? The answer to all these questions is YES (propably)! But the most significant reason for me changing my opinion about this conutry only came with the election in 2016 and the following actions of that elected administration.

What changed?

So would I visit the US as of right now? That’s easy: NO! (Let’s imagine Covid wasn’t a thing) What’s the reason for that you ask? Mainly the 45th President of the United States of America. During his 1st (and hopefully last) term he divided the country. You can no longer state your political opinion on social media without being bombarded by Trump supporters. To see people demonstrating against an ILLNESS with guns and riffles is out of this world. But what’s even more concerning is seeing peaceful protesters that are fighting for a good cause being beat up on the streets by law enforcement. How could that happen in the great country I always dreamed of living in. How can a clown and failing business man become the most important and influential politician in the world? He’s a mockery of what the President of the United States of America is supposed to represent. Visiting and therefore indirectly giving money to an administration that glorifies hate is something I will not do and do not recommend.

Other issues

Besides that, I’m now more interested in sustainability and health. How is it possible that a western country doesn’t provide a minimum of healthcare for their people? Especially in times like these… The whole topic of fracking and consquences it has on the population living around those areas is just very questionable. And what does the President do? He says Biden is bad because he doesn’t support fracking and would ruin the economy.

There are just too many issues I have with this so called ‘developed country’.

Let’s hope things will change for the better!

I do want to point out that of course the US has its good parts and benefits (e.g. the National Parks are incredible and defenitely worth a visit) but looking at the country right now I can’t see myself enjoying my time there…

I am hopeful that a lot will change for the better after this week. But I’m also afraid of what will happen if the administration stays the same. Let’s see if I’ll even consider traveling to the ‘Land of the Free’ in the next four years…

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