9 Ideas for rainy days on your trip

It’s the worst thing ever: you made a diverse and interesting itinerary for your trip with fun activities and places to visit. Then when you arrive at your destination, the weather is nothing like you expected it to be. Your plans are ruined.

To make the best out of this situation we came up with 9 things you could do in that situation.

1. Visit a museum

The first idea is quite obviuos: visit a museum. You can spend all day walking around the halls. Some muesums even have ralleys you can partake in while you’re visiting. That way you’ll get even more out of your visit.

2. Enjoy a nice, long meal

There are so many pretty cafés and restaurants in every city. Sit down for a coffee or a meal and just enjoy your surroundings. If you sit down in a café that’s located on a busy street you can watch the locals taking care of their day to day business. Don’t forget to tip if you stay longer than usual!

3. Plan the next day(s)

You could also plan the rest of your trip. Maybe you’re lucky and the weather will be better on the rest of your trip. You can change your itinerary depending on how much you missed due to the bad weather.

4. Go shopping

This one is also kind of obvious but go shopping. Don’t waste a sunny day on this! If the weather is really, really bad a mall might be the best choice (compared to shopping streets). And don’t forget to buy local where you can :)

5. Go to the movies

You might think that going to the movies is a waste of time when traveling. That’s true for when the weather is good. But when the weather is really bad, it’s a fun activity to get a more local experience. Most bigger cinemas will offer original versions of the movies, which are in English most of the time, so the language barrier won’t be a problem.

6. Sign up for a cooking class

For this one you propably have to sign up a few days in advance but it’s so much fun. Best thing to do is signing up for a class that will show you how to cook the local dishes. This way you can even show your friends and family at home what you did on your trip. Plus: food is always a good thing!

7. Write postcards

This you could also do while sitting in a café: Write postcards! It always puts a smile on people’s faces when they recieve a postcard. It’s such a simple gesture but shows people that you thought of them while traveling. Also if you can’t seem to find a mailbox, ask your hotel if they can send it as most of them will be happy to help you.

8. Go wine or beer tasting

Before you do this, make sure that you’re old enough to drink in the country you’re in! Most cities have their local beer, wine or liquor. You can either try them all in a local bar where they offer tasting sessions or you visit the company itself and take a tour around the manifacture. Either way you’ll learn so much about the beverages and it’s also ‘acceptable’ if you do end up a little drunk ;)

9. Just embrace the bad weather

Last but not least: just look up the weather beforehand so you can pack your bags accordingly. If it rains, pack a raincoat, waterproof shoes and a big umbrella. If it’s supposed to snow pack your wintercoat and wintershoes. Don’t be afraid of bad weather. It gives you the opportunity to see the place you’re visiting in a whole new light!

Don’t forget your tips and ideas in pleyces :)

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