100 days of pleyces Contest!

pleyces, the first digital social network for tourists and travelers based on #places

Last week, Munich based start-up pleyces announced the launch of their ultimate contest to celebrate the first 100 days of pleyces. The winner of the competition will receive a hoodie specifically designed with their personal map.

The personal map of pleyces is amazing. It is so cool that I can see my map with all the places that I have been and share it with my friends and family.

Jason Park, pleyces user

The steps to participate in the contest are really easy and fast:

  1. First of all, each person has to register on www.pleyces.com.
  2. Second, users have to share their personal map of pleyces on Instagram and tag our official account @pleyces_com or on Facebook stories with @pleyces.
  3. Finally, the winner will be announced by pleyces on October 29th.

Easy right?

Do not forget to participate, it’s free!

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www.pleyces.com is the digital social network for tourists and travelers. The website and mobile app make it easy to connect with exciting people in my favorite places. Users are tourists of all kinds, especially frequent travelers, au pairs, photographers, pilots or stewardesses, expats, and students.

They look at the posts and tips about their destinations. The users also share photos about the spots they love. All functionalities of pleyces are for free.

This network helps to discover our common ground in the diversity of the earth.

Join and explore!