pleyces, the new answer for travelers

The start-up based in Munich shows the capacity to slightly reinvent itself to adapt to the new world situation. The german start-up pleyces was known for being the social network based on places, where you can connect with people, share tips for travel, and post awesome pictures of your vacations.  However, pleyces shows the capacity...

Headphones on = Enjoy the world

The Podcast of pleyces! Listen to our podcast and you will feel like you are camping in Yellowstone or taking a train from San Diego to Tijuana and walked across the Mexican border. Also, you can feel like you are eating a Cuban sandwich in Havanna or watching the amazing Street Art in Wynwood, Miami....


About is the digital social network for tourists and travelers. The website and mobile app make it easy to connect with exciting people in my favorite places. Users are tourists of all kinds, especially frequent travelers, au pairs, photographers, pilots or stewardesses, expats, and students.

They look at the posts and tips about their destinations. The users also share photos about the spots they love. All functionalities of pleyces are for free.

This network helps to discover our common ground in the diversity of the earth.

Join and explore!